Actionable Insights for Marketing Teams

We provide Actionable Insights and Data-driven Strategy for marketing teams by using social media data

We provide research with lifestyle analysis, trend analysis, conversational and sentimental analysis

This research allows you to;

  • Discover trends for different target groups
  • Get recommendations for marketing actions based on lifestyle analysis
  • Track conversations
  • Lifestyle Insights
  • Measure the brand affinities of your consumer groups
  • Create the most engaging content strategy
  • Understand the media habits
  • Profiles the engagement with celebrities and influencers

We act as a dedicated Data Intelligence Specialist helping you to optimize media buying, target better and understand your customers deeper than ever

Use Cases

Sales Increase

A global sportswear brand tracking 15 different consumer groups to define which themes and locations they should match in stores.
Result:Sales Increase 210%

New Segment Discovery

A global video platform to discover a new segment and understand their motivations

Increasing Visibility

A global tobacco brand to increase their visibility by 42% in 1- year period by tracking their consumers

Effective Media Planning

A global FMCG brand to discover the best matching TV shows for their advertisements

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